How to Use a String Art Template: Scaling, Printing, Positioning

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How to Use String Art Template

Easy to follow steps to use your string art template!

Step 1:  Purchase String Art Template

We created the templates with precise measurements that are required for proper nail spacing and design sizes to ensure the finished product looks the best.  Trust us.

Now, you might be asking, “How am I supposed to print out a mountain range template that is 18 x 24 on my printer that only prints 8.5 x 11?”  Great question.  Fortunately the people over at Adobe have made this easy for you and us.  When you open Adobe Reader (available for free here) and select File > Print, you will have an options screen pop up like this:

string art template printing

Under the Heading of “Page Sizing & Handling” there is an option for “Poster” which you will click and see the following options:

Scale String Art Template

We suggest selecting “Cut Marks” and “Labels” and setting the “Overlap” to 0.5 in as shown above.  These settings place cutting marks on the pages to assist in proper aligning of the pages, provide labels on each page to let you know in what order they are to be placed, and overlap the design by 0.5 inches to assist in properly aligning the pages together in a precise manner.

The preview in the bottom right of the window shows the layout on the pages while giving the required amount of pages to complete the job.  As you can see, this template requires 8 pages of 8.5 x 11 paper.  The labels will give you values on each page such (1,4) which would indicate that the page is to be placed on the first row in the fourth column.

Step 2: Position & Mark the String Art Template

After you have made your purchase of the desired design from our store and printed the template as outlined above, lay the pages onto the nailing surface of your project.  Once you have it positioned on the nailing surface, tape it down with scotch tape. Next, using your needle nose pliers to avoid accidentally hammering your fingers, take a single nail and gently make an indentation in the wood wherever the template says to place a nail;  you can use a single nail to quickly make all indentations.

string art template size
Figure 1: Select Correct Template Size


how to use string art template
Figure 2: Making Indentations


Step 3: Remove the String Art Template

Verify all nail marks have been made from the template and proceed by removing the template from the nailing surface.  The indentations created will be the guide for proper nailing for your project.  Using this method the template is not destroyed and can be used over and over!  Some suggest nailing through the template without the added step of indentations but this creates a problem when removing the template after all nailing has been completed.  Often, small pieces of paper will be left behind and are very difficult to remove.  By following these steps you will end up with a much more professional looking piece and a template that can be used again and again!

string art template - holding nail
Figure 3: Following the Indentations


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