How to Hammer String Art Nails

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So, the hardest steps are done, right?

You’ve purchased the template from our STORE and you’ve followed the instructions on How to Use a String Art Template but now you have to start nailing.

Perfect!  Follow these simple guidelines on how to hammer in your string art nails.

How to Hammer String Art Nails

Step 1: Direction of Nailing

First, you need to decide if you will be hammering with your left hand or your right hand.  This will determine the way in which the nail is held in the pliers which will affect the starting point for how to hammer the string art nails.  Look at Figures 1 & 2 to decide which position is most comfortable for you!


Left Handed String Art Nailing
Figure 1: Left Handed String Art Nailing


Right Handed String Art Nailing
Figure 2: Right Handed String Art Nailing

You may be asking, “why does this matter?”  That is a great question.  It won’t appear obvious when you are just beginning but if you look at the two pictures above, you will see that it would become quite difficult to hold the nail with the pliers in the middle of the intersection of the patterns if the nailing was performed at random.  However, because we started from one edge and moved uniformly to the other edge (either left to right or right to left) the nailing procedure flowed nicely.  The already placed string art nails now do not interfere with the hammering of new nails.  This is a very small detail but is very important to allow for the easiest completion of hammering in the string art nails for your project.

Step 2: Hammering of String Art Nails

Now that you know which direction to go, you will have to get comfortable with how to hold the nails with the pliers and then hammer them in place.  The ideal depth for nailing is about 1/4 – 3/8″ to ensure a solid nail for the pressures the string will exhort when stringing your string art design.  The best holding method is with your selected hand to grasp the nail with the pliers on a slight upward angle closer to the head of the nail.  Be sure to keep the nail standing up straight when placing into one of the indentations.  Hammer the nail into place while holding upright with the pliers.  Periodically check the alignment of the nails by looking at the project from the side and adjust any nails that may be skewed.  This will make the design look more professional and prevent destringing later on.

hammer string art nails - holding nail
  Figure 3: Holding Nail

Next Step:

Now you are ready for the fun part – Stringing Your String Art Project!


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