Custom Wedding String Art Design

In today’s society, there is one type of event that (most) everyone enjoys attending. Whether it is the free food and drinks, getting all dolled up, or the chance to see friends and family in a truly joyous atmosphere, people simply love weddings. What is there not to love, right? Well let’s think about it for a second. If there is one thing that everybody can agree upon, it’s that finding that perfect gift for the newly joined couple can be a challenging and frustrating task for even the best of shoppers. Sure, you can log on to their registry and purchase an item for their new home, but what is heartfelt and original about that?

Therefore, we here at StringKits have come up with the idea to help you customize a truly unique gift for the special people in your life that they will cherish for long after their wedding day.  Wedding String Art!  Are you looking for a plaque to hang on their wall with their names and wedding date? No problem. Are you looking for a symbol of love that reminds the happy couple just why they got married in the first place? Piece of cake. Whatever ideas you have, we will gladly work with you to masterfully design a string art piece that you will be proud to have your friends display in their household for years to come.

Wedding String Art Examples

Wedding String Art

nautical wedding string art

ocean wedding string art

wedding string art


Here are just a few more examples of wedding details/information that will help get your creative juices flowing for your wedding string art gift…

– Names of the bride and groom

– Date of the wedding, bride and groom’s birthdays

– Colors/theme of the wedding (bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen’s ties, etc.)

– Location of the wedding (longitude/latitude coordinates, city, state, venue)

– State/country where each was born

– Quote/logo the couple used on their invitation

– Type of wood (color/stain) to match the wedding venue

– Cities/places/monuments that are special or meaningful for the couple (where they first met, first date, etc.)

Bottom line, we are here to help you with your vision. Take a look at some of the finished products we’ve created for others in the past and feel free to email us at with any questions, thoughts or ideas. We will be more than happy to work with you to get you the perfect wedding string art gift.




Please provide us with at least one month to create and ship the final product. Prices vary with size and complexity of the wedding string art project.