About StringKits

StringKits is a small shop specializing in String Art Kits, Supplies, and Products.  All of these selections are available in our store, right here on our site.  We sell kits, string, nails, and templates so you can make your own string art project.  We do also carry finished StringKits products that we have hand made for you.

However, we do much more than just sell you project supplies or string art kits; we are your source for knowledge on how best to complete your string art kit.  We have articles on everything from using a template to preventing a destringing (we know how frustrating that can be).  So please, check out our articles, check out our store, and get stringing!

Rob & Brian


13 Virginia Ave

Cherry Hill, NJ 08002



Phone: (609) 736-0740

Email:  sales@stringkits.com